"Learn the Tai Chi that made the late Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching the Peerless Master of Five Excellences"

If you are seeking to supplement your internal power development....then this message is one of the most important messages you will ever read

This comprehensive video will show you step by step the CMC 37 form with clear explanation and demonstration


Squatting Single Whip

Here's why you should download the video files:

1.   Because finally you will know exactly how the Founder, Cheng Man Ching refined his Tai Chi towards the end of his life

2.   At last, you'll learn the Tai Chi form that enabled him to achieve breakthroughs and catapulted his skills in the five arts to a very high level

3.   Because you'll learn the form that encapsulates his accumulated wisdom through his own in-depth research of his five excellences:

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine - modification of certain movements to enhance the health of internal organs
  • The Art of Poetry - using principles in poetry in expressing the inner feelings to express the beauty of nature through Tai Chi
  • The Art of Calligraphy- with the natural flow in calligraphy which finds the natural flow in Tai Chi
  • The Art of Painting - with its Zen-like creativity to unleash your creativity through the practice of Tai Chi
  • Tai Chi -the uniting disciplinethat brings all the disciplines together 

4.   Because you will see what he meant when he said Tai Chi is like swimming on dry land; it relaxes the sinews, opens the vessels, harmonizes the chi with blood, and benefits both mind and body

5.   Because just by practicing this form you will increase your chi level many folds

If you are a martial artist you will gain tremendously from this Tai Chi like I did!

Prior to learning this Tai Chi I was already well grounded in the hard styles of martial arts.  My initial impression of Tai Chi was that it was only for health and only suitable for the older generation.  Somehow something inside me told me that I should pursue it.  I was so glad that I did because my martial arts improved by leaps and bounds.  These are some examples of how this Tai Chi strengthened my martial arts:

Moving the whole body as one relaxed and integrated unit.  Using the whole body is important in maximising power but doing it in a relaxed manner leads you to another level

Drawing power from the ground up.  When you align your body in such a way, the body becomes a bridge between the ground and your opponent

Yield first before you attack.  To yield one must become one with the opponent otherwise the absorption will be rough

Attack is the same as defence.  This concept is so powerful that it makes the defense very effective where an attack can be launched instantaneously

Punch without clenching the fist.  This enables your hands to be very relaxed and sensitive and yet packed with power when unleashed

So the Tai Chi that I thought it was, was far from being just for health and suitable only for the senior citizens. It is indeed a very powerful art when shown the correct way of doing it.  This video on the CMC 37 Form is a very good start on this Tai Chi.


What's a resource like this worth?

I want to make you sure you get more value out of the amount to pay for this video.  Imagine if you were able to improve your martial arts with increased internal power and enhance your health at the same time, how much will that be worth to you? That could easily be worth at least USD500.  So at USD47, the two volumes that run for 40minutes each, represent significant values.  It cost me more than 100 times to acquire this knowledge but the benefits I gain were well worth all the monies I spent.   So to download the 2 part video, just click the link below:




Wishing you great success.


Richard Wong

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need prior MA background to participate in this program?
    1. No, in fact you may have the advantage of not having to unlearn old habits and focus straight on developing the new skill
  2. I am doing other martial art style, will that impact my martial art?
    1. Tai Chi is like water, it can fit into any form once you have mastered the principles and the internal workings.  Hence, this will increase the power of your other martial art.
    2. On the other hand, you need to "empty your cup" when you participate in this program and follow the instruction exactly
  3. I am interested in the martial art aspect only, will this program provide that?
    1. Tai Chi was originally developed as a martial art discipline but because it was so secretive in the old days, very few people actually mastered the essence of Tai Chi which is very effective in martial art
    2. This video provides the ingredients to propel your internal power to great heights.  To be able to use it for martial art requires you to practice push hands, free combative push hands and uprooting.
  4. What is the difference between this Tai Chi and all the other Tai Chi around?
    1. This Tai Chi emphasises a lot on internal chi and based on the late Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching's life work on traditional Chinese medicine
  5. Is this the same as all the Cheng Man Ching in other schools?
    1. Basically they should be the same but you will expect some variations as students from a same school can also interpret things differently
  6. How do I acquire this video?
    1. Simply click on this link:Click Here To Order Securely Through Paypal
    2. This is automated through a third party who has established a much secured way of accepting your credit details.  You will then be shown the site to download all the information promised in the program.