"Who else want to learn the Tai Chi that was taught at the Imperial Palace?"

"Finally, the secrets behind real Tai Chi will be revealed"

From: Richard Wong

Dear Fellow Internal Martial Art Seekers,

All of you have heard of Tai Chi and some of you may have been involved in some sort of Tai Chi training as well.  Those of you who have been doing some Tai Chi training would have obtained some health benefits and I am sure would have felt good about that discipline.  What if I said that despite what you have learned about Tai Chi, you have only scratched the surface of True Tai Chi?

Well that was exactly how I felt when I came across this Imperial Yang Tai Chi with Master Wei Shu Ren of Beijing. Those who know me and learned from me know my martial art background.  I actually started off my martial art training in very hard kung fu style and then gradually gravitated to Wing Chun and Tai Chi.  I learned the Cheng Man Ching (CMC) Tai Chi which had some great internal martial art principles and health effects. In fact I had benefited so much from CMC Tai Chi that I incorporated a lot of that principles in my Wing Chun. So those of you who have learned our brand of Wing Chun have actually learned the CMC internal power process.  Hence I was resistant and skeptical about how much value this Imperial Yang Tai Chi can add to my repertoire of internal power processes ....


...And then I saw the light and discovered the true essence of Tai Chi


After eight years of training in this Tai Chi with some degree of skepticism and resistance, I finally achieved some breakthroughs in understanding the true essence of this Tai Chi.  The one month intensive training with Master Wei obviously had a lot to do with the breakthroughs.  However more importantly, my mind set was ready for those momentous moments.  Master Wei was also very happy with my breakthroughs and wanted me to now share this true Tai Chi with like minded people. 

I have decided to record down some of the insights gained by co-athouring with my Poland representative/instructor, Cezary Kwiatkowski to produce this book, 'Imperial Yang Tai Chi - True Teaching of the Yang Family'.  This book also contained partial translations of Master Wei's book, 'Yang Tai Chi True Teaching'.  Cezary is also an author in Poland.  

Here are some examples of the information you will learn.....

  •  Understand the incredible essence of Tai Chi through the three pillars of Shen , Yi, Qi - Understanding these three key characteristics and how they integrate with each will propel your internal power in a significant way (translated as cosmic awareness, mind intention and vital energy respectively)
  •  Discover the power of Opening and Closing - The main functions of the Universe are opening and closing.  Discover how this Tai Chi taps into the power of opening and closing
  •  Harness the projection of the Three Rings - Expand your sphere of influence through the projection of your energy space using the Three Rings
  •  Connect with the Universe Qi through Song, San, Tong & Kong - Know how to relax, disperse, empty and connect your own body in order to connect with the Universe Qi
  • Enlighten your perspective through Shen Ming - Gain deep insights through the practice of emptying the mind which leads to Shen Ming (enlightenment)
  •  Get the benefits of the condensed version of the Lao Liu Lu - Experience the key principles of Tai Chi quickly through the practice of the 22 form, a condensed version of the original 89 form (Lao Liu Lu - Old Six Road)
  •  Control your energy project through the 8 energetic paths (8 Jings) - Control your energy and your opponent's energy through the 8 energetic paths.  It is done energetically not physically.

And that's just a fraction of what you'll learn when you purchase the Imperial Yang Tai Chi ebook.  Whether you intend to specialise in Tai Chi or use it to enhance your other martial arts, the internal power principles from this Imperial Yang Tai Chi will propel your internal power to the next level.  Since the internal power principles transcend form, it can be easily incorporated into any martial art styles.  Hence you get the best of both worlds - still staying true to your core and yet benefit from the internal power principles that made Yang Lu Chan the "Invincible Yang".

The book normally retails for USD39.  However as an introductory offer through our website, we have slashed the price of the ebook down to USD30.  As a bonus in purchasing the book, you will also get my video on the 22 form for free.  While there is no instruction on how to do the form in the video, it shows how the form is done with the full expression of internal energy.  The video normally retails for USD27.  So by clicking the 'add to cart' button below, you will save USD36!  We are not sure how long we are offering this, so you need to act quick before we take the offer down.

Imperial Yang Tai Chi Book 

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Wishing you great success.


Sifu Richard Wong

6th Generation Yang Tai Chi Master

P.S. Don't forget, this is truly a great opportunity to learn the original Yang Tai Chi  at a fraction of a cost without going to China to learn.  You get to download the ebook immediately plus the video of the 22 form for free.  Please note that to get the free download of the 22 form video, you need to follow the instruction of the download page.