"Experience the Power of the late legendary GM Chee Kim Thong through Master Tim See-Meng Chan !"

"At last, a Traditional Chinese Martial Art Master coming out of retirement to share the ancient secrets of martial powers and applications"

The Master

Dear Fellow Martial Artists,

When Bruce Lee said, 'Here lies a once fluid man overcome by the classical Mess', he was actually making the observation of modern traditional Chinese martial arts that seemed to be rather rigid and lost the combative elements with the dilution of its original lethal intent.  Being a street fighter himself, he found the need to add the combative elements from other martial arts into his repertoire that make Jeet Kune Do we see today.

Yet we often hear of great martial art skills of past masters steeped in traditional Chinese Martial Arts.  In Taijiquan, we have the Undefeatable Yang Lu Chan who could not be defeated by serious challengers at that time, in Wing Chun we have Ip Man who trained Bruce Lee to be formidable in street fights and then in Wuzuquan (Fists of the Fives Ancestors) we have Chee Kim Thong who became a legend in Malaysia.  Fortunately, tradtional Chinese Martial Arts in its full glory have not been totally lost and they are some masters who still have them.  Master Tim See-Meng Chan, the fifth disciple of the late GM Chee Kim Thong of Wuzuquan fame, is one such master and he is a grandmaster of Wuzuquan.  In fact he was supposed to be disciple number two but at that time there was no permission from his guardian, that is another story in itself.

MMA becomes mainstream, and this is way before Bruce Lee was even borne let alone the father of MMA. The art is a mixture of five systems, hence the term Fists of the Five Ancestors:

  • Baihe (White Crane for developing sinews and speed of attack)
  • Da Sheng  (Monkey King's art for its agility)
  • Taizu (Emperor's Fist for its physical power)
  • Luohan (18 immortals) and Dazun (Damo) for the mind and breathing techniques
  • Xuan Nu (The Fairy Lady for its soft techniques)

Master Tim See-Meng Chan is one of the top inner disciples of the late renowned GM Chee Kim Thong of Malaysia.  Although he learnt the full tradition of the Wuzu art from his teacher and hence classified as a Traditional Martial Art Master, his thinking is progressive and definitely in tune with modern values.  He has extensive training in both external and internal martial arts. His martial art resume is pretty impressive backed up by his kung fu championship in his early years. His expertise is in Wuzuquan,  Shaolin Luohan Ru-yi, Dong Ying Jie Taiji, Yi Quan and Luk Hop Par Fat (Six Harmony Art).  Here is an example of his power form from Wuzuquan:



 Master Tim is now comfortably retired in Singapore after a distinguished career in the international banking industry.  It was through a facebook friend's introduction that I met Master Tim.  In my transit through Singapore for my consulting work assignment, I wanted to meet a Taiji master.  It turned out that he is also a long time disciple of Chee Kim Thong.  So I wrote a post about our meeting as part of my sharing of experience on Facebook.  As it turned out,  it opened up a 'can of worms' revealing some political infightings in the fraternity.  That of course raised my interest and curiosity to find out more about Master Tim. I even re-visited him in Singapore to check his power through touch hands.  What I discovered was even more fascinating and that Master Tim is indeed the real deal.  He asked me to hold him strong and he was able to move me from one side to the other using his Shaolin Luohan Ruyi subtle power. I suggested to him that as a true disciple of Chee Kim Thong, he owed it to his sifu to share the true teaching and spread the legacy. Fortunately he agreed to come out of retirement to share what he learnt from the late Chee Kim Thong as authorised by the man himself....


...Coming out of retirement and spreading the legacy

He was invited to showcase his martial arts to selected schools in Singapore as part of the Singapore Golden Jubilee Celebration.  Here's the interview he did on that project.


Now he had agreed to come to Sydney to showcase his martial arts to Sydneysiders.  He ran a weekend seminar on his martial arts especially the White Crane Wuzuquan.  

The seminar showcased Master Tim's insights on power development and combat tactics from each art. As we know in martial arts, these are the two critical factors for effectiveness.  He shared his insights on the applications of Yin Yang Palms, 8 Essences, 5 Elements, 7 Offenses, 6 directional movements and many other processes.

The seminar was recorded so that people who were not able to attend physically could still learn from the videos.  This would really fulfill Master Tim's duty to share the legacy with the world.

Here is what he covered in the seminar....

   Power Development 'Gong Jin' - How to develop both internal and external power so as to increase the magnitude of force you can generate:

    • Internal vs External 
    • Stillness vs Activities
    • Zhan Zhuang vs Forms
    • Why & How of Zhan Zhuang (Yi-quan)
    • Why Forms
    • Keys to internal power cultivation from White Crane Wuzuquan, Shaolin Luohan Ruyi, Dong Ying Jie Taiji and Lok Hap Pat Fat (Six Harmony Art)
    • Key words for Gong Jin like Tun, Tou, Fou, Cham, Phian, Siam, Chat, Siat will be explained in details in the seminar
    • Keys to external power cultivation from San Zhan, Wuzu Tai Zu
    • Bridge Hands for strengthening
    • Ji Mou Kuen (Mother instructing child) for structuring work

   Tactical - How to deal with forces acting on you so as to render them ineffective:

    • Defence strategis and tactics from White Crane Wuzuquan, Shaolin Luohan Ruyi, Dong Ying Jie Taiji and Lok Hap Pat Fat (Six Harmony Art)
    • Attack strategies and tactics from San Zhan, Wuzu Tai Zu
    • Hands on workouts with partners to integrate keys from each discipline
    • Key words for counter attacks like Khuang, Hian-Til, Cha-Chit, Tarp, Kuart, Thong, Tuen Kuang will be covered in details in the seminar

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Whilst Master Tim has a wide background in martial arts, his core is White Crane Wuzuquan that he learnt from his beloved sifu, GM Chee Kim Thong. So his power base will be very much White Crane Wuzuquan, supplemented by other martial arts that he mastered. It feels soft like Taiji and powerful like Shaolin

Wishing you great success.


Sifu Richard Wong

P.S. Remember, this is a rare opportunity to learn White Crane Wuzu and Shaolin Luo Han Ruyi power and applications from MasterTim who spent many years learning directly from the legendary GM Chee Kim Thong of Malaysia.