"Experience Yang Jianhou
Taijiquan as passed down to Wei Shuren in its originality!"


"Finally, the original teaching of Yang Jianhou is presented through the eyes of  a pure pedigree holder, a 'live-in' student of the master"

Dear Fellow Martial Artists,

In the age of mixed martial arts and cross trainings, it will be rare for a martial artist to learn just one style of martial art and be contented with it. After all variety is the spice of life and it's in our human nature to expand. Hence many martial art teachers also come with multiple backgrounds that make them what they are today. Being a 'mixed martial artist' has its pros and cons.  One pro maybe a refined configuration like what Bruce Lee did with his Jeet Kune Do and one obvious con is you are learning a 're-mix' instead of the original.  So finding a martial art teacher who focuses just on one style of martial art is indeed very rare.

Contemplating the origin of life is very much in our human nature. Questions like what is the origin of the universe, who am I, where do I come from, have plagued humanity especially scientists for eons. Of course the answers are different depending on your perspective. Despite the prevalent mind-set of mixing styles, there are many who yearn to know what could be the origin of a particular style. In the Taiji circle, the question of what makes Yang Lu Chan 'undefeatable' and peerless in his time has been on the minds of many Taiji aficionados especially against the backdrop of growing popularity of 'fighting' sports such as MMA, push hands etc.. With the lack of recording devices such as iPhone and the culture of clandestine martial upmanship in those era, the original  'deadly' tactics could be masked and kept secret lest they fell into the wrong hands.

Now we may never know the true origin of the universe nor the real deal behind Yang Luchan's prowess. One thing we know for sure are the many footprints left behind. The Big Bang theory, not the sitcom, came out of such footprints. For Yang Taiji, Yang Jian Hou - Wang Yongquan - Wei Shuren teachings are one set of footprints that may point us to the direction of Yang Luchan's prowess.

 Through sheer stroke of Mother Nature, the eldest daughter of the late Grandmaster Wei Shuren, Wei Shiping, was able to inherit the full transmission as a pure 'pedigree' of Yang Jian Hou Taijiquan with no external injections - she was like a blank sheet of paper allowing the imprints of all his teachings and insights. While the legacy of the late Grandmaster Wei Shuren continues with many of his indoor disciples but many come with multiple martial art backgrounds and possibly subconscious adaptations as expected. Shifu Shiping, on the other hand, came with no other pre-conditioning and therefore received the transmission as it is. She was the only 'live-in' student of the late master as she was looking after him for over 13 years, right to his last breath.  With that level of association for that long, a teacher's inner experience and insights would inevitably rub off on her 'beginners' mind.

"In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few"......Shunryu Suzuki Instruction from Master Wei

Through coercion and the love of her father's legacy, she has finally agreed to share with us her father's great insights into Yang Jianhou Taijiquan.  In a way, she is leading the charge to set the benchmark of the originality of Wei Shuren Taijiquan so that other teachers of the same lineage, especially those with mixed martial art backgrounds, are reminded of the original transmission and be mindful of the influence from past conditioning of other systems.  Of course, individuals are free to integrate into their existing system of martial arts but at least they are learning the original Wei Shuren Taijiquan and make their own interpretations rather than getting a 're-mixed' version.

 Inner Circle Picture

...And the legacy continues   


In the last few years of the GM Wei Shuren's life, he increasingly delegated the teaching of his disciples to his three daughters with Shifu Shiping leading the charge since she is the eldest daughter and most knowledgeable.  So through constant supervision from her father and the demanding nature of his overseas disciples since she is not their teacher but a senior sister, she has polished her Taijiquan knowledge and skills, and has become a very effective teacher.

The Sydney Group

Shifu Shiping ran a highly successful seminar in Australia in November 2014 teaching the foundational 22 form and the intermediate 37 form with all the principles, structures and internal processes associated with each form.   All her seminars were recorded and available for purchase.  The video recordings of the seminars/workshops cover:

   Principles - Understand the guiding principles of  Yang Jian Hou Taijiquan that are universal, some highlights:

    • Feel the Yin within Yin 
    • Real intention springs from no intention
    • Movements originating from the heart centre and returning to the heart centre
    • 51%Yin, 49%Yang
    • Seek other centre and conceal own centre by presenting a 'wall'
    • Receive force without passing through the wrist; return force at the first point of connection

   Structure - How to structure your body to carry its own weight efficiently and dealing with external forces with minimal impact:

    • Plumline adjustments
    • Curve the lower back
    • 9 points connection
    • Rounding all critical areas of force flow
    • 5 points of weight distribution

   Internal processes - How to harness  the power of Shen, Yi, Qi to strategically reinforce your structure to generate and dissolve forces:

    • Taiji Gong to specifically develop Shen, Yi, Qi
    • Meditative nature of movements from stillness
    • Relationship of dispersion and concentration
    • Mind intention leading movements 180 degree ahead
    • How three rings and three gates relate to each other

   Form work - How to cultivate the internal processes, structure and internalise the principles through form practice:

    • Learn the sequence of the 22 and 37 forms
    • Experience the stillness that drives the transiton of section of the form
    • Understand the cultivation process of the forms
    • How to integrate the internal processes into individual form

   Roushou - Bringing it all together through partner practice to hone in on the internal processes, structure and principles:

    • Partner routines
    • Mindful listening, asking and taking the other's Jin Yuan (power centre)
    • How to stick, adhere, follow and connect without losing contact or resisting
    • No lose of contact and no resistance are beyond hands

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The contents of the videos contain the essence of the late GM Wei Shuren 's  teachings as shared by his eldest daughter, Shifu Wei Shiping.  You will get to enjoy learning as much as we in presenting them once you have purchased.

Wishing you great success.


Sifu Richard Wong

P.S. Don't forget, this is truly a great opportunity to learn one set of footprints of the Yang Jian Hou Taijiquan that could possibly lead to the understanding of Yang Luchan's incredible feat as the undefeatable in his time.